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A David & Goliath battle over a satirical gallery visit.


No better timing, than a blue Monday morning to cast a light on yet another example of a giant company, in this case the publisher Penguin, against a young artist, Miriam Elia.

In short, Elia created a satire of Ladybird children’s book from the 60s, Peter & Jane series “We Go To The Gallery”,  and was ordered to pulp all copies immediately due to infringement of its copyright.

In this satirical art book, Peter, Jane & Mummy go to a gallery and learn about sex, death and contemporary art. With lots of colourful illustrations and concise English (key words on every page), the reader is enabled to identify the key concepts of the artworks at the gallery. The use of adult images also help spice up this reading experience a bit.

And in the meanwhile the legal battle between the publisher and artist lingers on. But since Penguin has not been able to show evidence of copyright ownership to the original illustrations sampled for “We Go to the Gallery”,  Elia plans to risk republishing the book once UK copyright laws change in June allowing an exception for satire and parody.

So for Arts sake, let’s support this young artist by spreading the word, and/ or by contacting her on wegotothegallery@gmail.com. Hopefully new editions will continue to be on sale soon, and Penguin doesn’t loose it’s sense of humour.

And while we’re at it, here are some illustrations to shorten the waiting period.












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