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Melding nature & technology into a new reality.


Why stick to a brick road, if you could have an intelligent highway?

A vacuum cleaner to suck the smog from Beijing skies?

A suit that becomes transparent when you lie?

Or a living wall made out of smart foils, which fold open in response to human behavior?

Sounds futuristic to you? Well, none of it is for Daan Roosegaarde, a Dutch artist, designer, innovator and inventor.

In his social design lab Studio Roosegaarde (the Netherlands) he works on the realisation of these ideas with his team of designers and engineers. They create visions of a new urban landscape through interactive designs that explore the dynamic relation between space, people, and technology.




Smart Highway

The luminescent green markings painted on the road will make street lighting redundant. This intends to save lighting costs, and increase safety by improving visibility on roads that had no lights at all. A crucial component is a new photo luminescent paint that has much in common with the paint on glow-in-the-dark toys.


Lunar Hug Pillar. Daan Roosegaarde


Lunar: Interactive hug pillars

Touch pillars at Mental Health Care GGZ. The pillars use sensors (that react to movement and touch) to trigger light and sound sequences that interact with the public.




Van Gogh bicycle path.

The Van Gogh Bicycle Path runs where Vincent Van Gogh lived from 1883 to 1885; the path provides a modern interpretation of one of his paintings, “Starry Night”.


Lotus: interactive wall.



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