Lynchian Quinoa

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David Lynch & Quinoa

Lynch and his secret cooking talent.

In an extra on the DVD of Lynch’s movie Inland Empire (2006) there’s a small gem hidden.

Two separate You Tube files that don’t seem to match and are filmed in a murky and shaky way invite us into a “David Lynch Cook show”.

If being a film director, artist, musician, transcendental meditation advocate is not enough, Renaissance Man Lynch “talks us through” the preparation of his favourite dish, the superfood quinoa.

His Lynchian film style (neo noir, surreal & violent, dreamy & subconscious, mysterious & dark), lingers on in the presentation of his cooking talents.

Before you know it he takes you from stirring quinoa in a pan to a story about a train that has come to a standstill in a desolated landscape on a moonless Yugoslavian night somewhere in 1965. While lighting a cigarette, he adds a dash of copper coins, violet sugar water bottles, ice-cold Coca Colas and more silver coins to his surrealist story.

Suddenly he interrupts and finishes his quinoa recipe with an additional fix of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and olive oil.

Et voilà, a Lynchian cook style is born.

David Lynch’s Quinoa Recipe, Part 1:

David Lynch’s Quinoa Recipe, Part 2:

And for dessert, a bit more Lynch to stay in the mood.

David Lynch & Lykke Li – I’m Waiting Here

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