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The influence of a mad, genius scientist on contemporary art.


Much has been said and written about the genius scientist and pioneer of innovation of the 20th century, Nikola Tesla. Not surprisingly, knowing that he obtained over 300 patents worldwide for inventions such as wireless communication, limitless free energy, radio signals, the electric motor, x-rays, laser and the remote control.


Nikola Tesla


And although history proved him right in many of his ideas about electricity, due to shady business deals, stolen ideas, patent suppression (and his disappeared notebooks and files just hours after he died), many of his inventions were not given the opportunity to come to life.


Tesla Tower (Wardenclyffe Tower)

“… a tower that would use the natural frequencies of our universe to transmit data, including a wide range of information communicated through images, voice messages, and text.  This represented the worlds first wireless communications, but it also meant that aside from the cost of the tower itself, the universe was filled with free energy that could be utilized to form a world wide web connecting all people in all places, as well as allow people to harness the free energy around them…”

And now, in a progressive wireless and energy hungry world, the innovations and studies of Tesla turn out to be more relevant today than they were ever before.

Luckily his story has become more and more popular over the years and is portrayed in several films, books, comics, opera’s, video clips & games. But also in the fine arts he has become an inspiration source for the experiments of a new generation of artists.

One of these young inspired artists is Caleb Charland. In his body of work he merges science with photography and he considers energy to be the source of all true art and science.

He states that:

“To understand the world and to profit from it one must interact with it, one must experiment…. For me, wonder is a state of mind somewhere between knowledge and uncertainty. An energy vibrates in that space between our perceptions of the world and the potential the mind senses for our interventions within the world”.

In his Back to Light series he explores and illustrates the endless possibilities of alternative and sustainable energy production.








More info about his work can be found here.

 (All images are created in-camera, on a flatbed scanner, or in the darkroom. No content is created or added digitally)

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