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Japanese Banksy on the riseArt that casts a light on dysfunctional politics. 

There is a man on a personal mission leaving his mark all over Tokyo.

I am talking about a Japanese street artist who calls himself 281_Anti Nuke, or Nuke-san for short (his real name is Kenta Matsuyama). He has become a cult phenomenon among his followers in a very short period of time.

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami that took more than twenty thousand lives and caused an ongoing nuclear crisis has led 281_Anti Nuke to step up the plate and speak out against a corrupt and dysfunctional government. With his intelligent street art he aims to educate people in Japan and create awareness regarding political and nuclear issues. As a modern, independent Samurai he roams the streets at night, leaving his messages behind in public spaces.


Due to safety reasons this soft-spoken street artist is forced to move through life anonymously, dressed in a black hoodie, jeans and sunglasses, his face covered with a white mask. Therefore little is know about him, except for the source of his pseudonym: 281 is taken from a number on his athletic high school jersey.  He’s somewhere in his 40s and as a concerned father he uses his talent to question, doubt and break open the human paralysis against injustice in the contemporary Japanese society.

281_Anti Nuke

His work method is to use stickers instead of graffiti since it applies way faster (and more importantly helps him to run off faster).

The main recurring theme in his work is the Fukushima nuclear disaster.


Children are also featured in many of his stickers. Such as a young girl dressed in a raincoat, shielded from radioactive rain.



As well as politicians that are depicted as villains.



A new short documentary has recently been uploaded on YouTube:


More info about his work can be found here.

note: his site has been under attack, so be patient to enter.

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